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1 TorrentSafe – Best For Torrents

TorrentSafe – Best For Torrents

Surf popular torrent sites without fear after activating TorrentSafe’s free plan. You get 1GB file size and unlimited bandwidth. Simple to use. Top-rated torrent and P2P protection.
  • The #1 Torrent VPN
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Streaming video
  • Great Chrome extension
2 Windscribe – Free Trial

Windscribe – Free Trial

A feature-rich VPN that stops advertising tracking cold in its steps. Never worry about your IP address being exposed again with Windscribe’s sophisticated kill switch mechanism.
  • Unlocks 42 Netflix libraries
  • P2P & torrenting permitted
  • Safe & secure with no web logs
  • Simultaneous connections

User Reviews

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HotBot VPN
HotBot VPN
By: Chad Williams
I've tried a few different VPNs until I finally gave the HotBot free trial a shot. Now I'm finally happy. The speed is amazingly fast, I can't even tell I have the VPN on most of the time. It allows me to stream NetFlix in crystal clear quality. The app was super easy to install, I had it up and running within 5 minutes or maybe even less. I tried their support with a question once and received an instant reply as well. Very satisfied!
Nord VPN
Nord VPN
By: Cristie Techie
Love Nord. Their customer service is outstanding to say the very least. I will always use them for the rest of my life for my VPN needs. Everything about this software just works right, which never happens to me with anything I download! I have a dedicated IP and it works flawlessly... zero issues. I did the yearly subscription and it's very cheap. Highly recommend these guys to anyone in need of VPN services.
Surf Shark
Surf Shark
By: Clayton Roy
I am new to Surf Shark and VPNs in general, so I was kind of discouraged at first. But it wasn't because of their services. I just needed some guidance to get it rolling correctly. And I must say that their customer service is awesome. Very knowledgeable, friendly and patient. Even though they needed to hold my hand through some of it... lol... they stuck with me until they knew I was happy with their product.

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What is a VPN?

A virtual private network (VPN) acts as a middle man between your devices and the Internet. It encrypts all the data coming from your device before sending it over through one of their servers in another location. In doing so, a private VPN not only hides your actual IP address but also makes it seem like you’re browsing from another location. A VPN does a good job of keeping you away from the prying eyes of online eavesdroppers, your ISP, advertisers, or even the government. A private VPN connection also offers unlimited downloading, WiFI privacy, unlimited HD video with fast connections, multiple device protection, router support, user-friendly apps, and more. Setting up usually takes no more than 5 minutes and you will have access to hundreds of servers located in different countries around the world.

Why You Need a VPN

Improved security is only one of the reasons to use a VPN. A VPN will hide your IP address, making you invisible online to everyone from your ISP to Google. By using a VPN you can engage in a type of downloading called torrenting and you can access geo-restricted content. You can surf the web anonymously and bypass many content restrictions. Of course, there are many legitimate reasons to want to do this. For instance, you can access content that is not available in your location including educational materials and e-books.

Does a VPN Hide Your Location?

Yes. The biggest trace to your location is your IP address. Because a good VPN will change your IP address, your location becomes more difficult to find. Its not impossible, of course, depending on your web activity. Also, if you don't use a kill switch, you might unwittingly expose your IP address and location in a matter of seconds.

Is a VPN Legal?

Yes, they are completely legal. Almost all Fortune 500 companies even use VPN clients to protect their internal data and allow remote employees the ability to log on to private work networks.

What Do VPNs Protect Against?

To understand what a VPN protects you against, you need to understand all the threats.

ISP’s sell your data to third parties.

If you use the ISP without a VPN, you risk the ISP logging your online activity and then selling it off to a corporation.  Why would they sell your surfing activity? Well, companies love to understand your shopping behavior, your likes and dislikes, who you talk to, which sites you browse. Your information is valuable, so for an ISP, it’s big business to sell it.

DNS/IP Leaks

Want a hacker to know where you live? It’s not hard if your IP gets leaked because you accidentally click on a nefarious website. It happens way more than you think. If you are using a VPN, they IP they see won’t be yours, nor where you are located.


If you’ve ever had malware, it might be because you weren't using a VPN. Malware hijacks your computer either at the root processing level or at the browser level. Suddenly, your inundated with ads and being tracked 24/7. The only way to remove malware is to reinstall your OS. And I’ve even heard of cases of that not working to remove it.


Hackers are sly beings. They are sophisticated and intelligent in their approach to stealing your data and belongings. Point being, a VPN will certainly put up a lot of obstacles that make the hacker’s job much harder. That alone likely means the hacker moves on to easier prey.

Does a VPN See My Data?

This is always a big question. If you simply reroute your online activity away from an ISP to a VPN, would not the VPN take the role of the ISP and sell your data? The answer is, not of your using a trusted VPN. VPN’s make their money by having no-logging policies. This means they never store your online activity. Our site does not, and will not, include VPNs that log your browsing history… ever.

A VPN Unblocks Streaming Content

When reading Best 20 VPN reviews, you’ll see a big focus on unblocking streaming. Top VPN services allow you to easily unblock major streaming companies, such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and more.  The best VPNs tend to allow unblocking on every streaming platform while the good VPNs do so on most of the major ones. You need to read the reviews to truly understand this portion. If unblocking streaming is important to you, pay attention to each VPN service offerings.

A VPN Allows You To Use Torrent Sites

P2P file sharing and torrent site surfing is a bit on the advanced side. Most novice web surfers aren’t trying to download major motion pictures. If you surf a torrent site without masking your IP through a VPN, you’re taking enormous risks to your identity and device.  Hackers reign supreme on torrent and file sharing spaces. They look for opportunities. Anyone not protected by a VPN is easy prey. Additionally, malware runs rampant across file-sharing networks. It’s important to use a top VPN before ever using a torrent site. Similarly, it’s important to check out a VPN’s file size and bandwidth limitations if file-sharing is something that interests you.

Can I Use a VPN on Any Device?

Yes, you can use a VPN on pretty much any device. The best VPN services work across all popular devices, including PCs, Macs, iPhones and Android smartphones. All it takes is one click, and you are good to go.


A VPN helps protect your online surfing activity and personal data from 3rd party companies, hackers, and malware attempts. The top VPN services anonymize your existence by concealing your IP address. You can typically choose from 1000s of servers located across the globe. You can download torrents anonymously and use streaming services anywhere in the world. When you fail to use a VPN, you expose your IP and inherently, your exact location. This gives your ISP the ability to log all of your browsing history and resell it, or worse, turn it over during a subpoena (or even less). If you still don't have a VPN, get one now, you won't regret it.

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