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Among the fastest-growing VPNs, PrivateVPN conceals your data, offers fast speeds, and stops advertising retargeting campaigns. Unblock all streaming platforms, including Netflix & HBO.

  • Fast local speeds
  • No logging,no IP or WebRTC leaks
  • Torrenting allowed on all servers
  • VPN servers in 60 countries

private vpn review

Private VPN is a Swedish based VPN service known for its very basic features. It might be worth a look from an economical perspective and does offer some unique features.

Private VPN Review: The Basics

PrivateVPN Review

Today, Private VPN utilizes 60 locations throughout the world. Aside from the United States, Private VPN locations include a number of countries in both Asia and Africa and even the Middle East. 

You can hold 6 simultaneous connections with Private VPN. You’ll get unlimited bandwidth and server switches, so you aren’t restrained in any way with those important options. Private VPN uses at least 60 countries with dedicated and they continue to expand. All said and done, you’re looking at about 150 total servers worldwide, which is nothing to write home about. But alas, Private VPN is an economical option. They support most every platform. Whether you want to use Private VPN on a Mac, Windows, or your Android, you are good to go.

In terms of connection options, you can use a variety of types, such as L2TP, OpenVPN and IVEv2.  Private VPN offers a stealth mode allowing you to avert any blocking that might inhibit your experience. You’ll have a kill switch to secure your privacy in the event that your connection dies. 

private vpn get started

Unblocking Support

Ah, the bread and butter (at least for some of you).

Private VPN offers unblocking for most major streaming apps, including Amazon Prime, Netflix, Disney+, CBS, NBC, Fox, and BBC’s iPlayer. There is also support for SVT Play, RTE Player, Hulu, HBO and even DAZN for all you fight fans.

To be clear, this means that Private VPN offers support for all this unblocking. So yes, if you have an issue unblocking Netflix, there’s help on the way so long as you request it. 

The unblocking options are great. For example, you have a number of solid options for Netflix Unblocking.


Speed can be the name of the game with a VPN. What good is a VPN that’s sluggish? These days, your VPN needs to lose as little as possible off the top of your current Internet connection speed to be viable. 

Overall, expect to lose around 7% at most. If you are on a 100Mpbs connection, Private VPN should ring you up at around 93Mpbs. That’s rather good. Its not a huge loss. If you stretch your connection out to say, Asia, you may incur a deeper loss, but not terrible. 

Privacy and Security

What’s a VPN service review if we aren’t talking about privacy and security?

Private VPN is a Swedish based company not subject to direct United States jurisdiction. The company claims it doesn’t keep or track any of your logs. So hence, there’d be none to turn over even if the government wanted it. Add on that Sweden is an international leader in privacy matters. 

But things get a bit blurry when it comes to overall tracking. For example, Private VPN allows up to 6 simultaneous connections. It’s impossible to believe that they don’t log IPs, at the very least, in order to manage this account restriction. 

There are some basic privacy considerations that are universal among its competitors. For example, they likely deploy analytics, they definitely do cookies, and of course, you sign up with your email address to create an account. That’s all basic and expected stuff. 

Private VPN Interface

Private VPN is relatively simple to use. You’ll click a desirable connection location, that prompts a second window with city options. The good news is, Private VPN displays the ping times which gives you a great idea if the speed is adequate for your needs. By clicking the advanced menu, you can easily and quickly set your protocol to PPTP, OpenVPN, L2TP, TUN, TAP, TCP, DUP. You can also adjust your encryption type between AES-128/256-CBC/GCM.

Settings allow you to toggle between IPv6 and DNS leak protection. You have a kill switch that can work for the entire system, or just on a specific app. 

I’d say that Private VPN is a feature-rich interface. In fact, I’d go as far as to say it’s advanced. With this many options, it’s easy to feel a bit overwhelmed. But options are a great thing when it comes to a VPN service, so you it is what it is. 

Private VPN Cost

Private VPN pricing is relatively affordable and all backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee. Officially, there is no free trial, hence, you’ll need to use the month refund option in such cases where you are dissatisfied with the service. As a note, there are sometimes rumors floating around that if you contact their support team directly, they’ll dish out a 7-day trial. We can’t find any evidence of this, but it could be worth your effort if that’s an impactful point of contention for you.

Also, be warned, the 3-day refund does not apply if you are a return customer, or go over 100GB of traffic. Hey, they gotta protect themselves, you know. If you break 100GB of traffic, you likely weren’t having a bad time. And if you are a return customer, then you know what you are getting. Otherwise, you’ll just explain what you don’t prefer about Private VPN and they’ll refund you. 

There are three Private VPN plans, all based on plan length.

private vpn review pricing

These are highly competitive pricing plans, particularly when you hit the 3-month and even annual deals. 

You can pay by credit card, Paypal, and even Bitcoin. 


Private VPN utilizes a lot of features for very little cost. You lose out on amount of locations and servers, but again, you’re paying less. In terms of privacy, Private VPN is good about not logging your connections. But it’s unclear whether or not they keep logs on IPs. The interface is robust considering the price. In fact, Private VPN feels pretty advanced and might freak out someone not used to VPN services.


9.5Expert Score
Among the fastest-growing VPNs, PrivateVPN conceals your data, offers fast speeds, and stops advertising retargeting campaigns. Unblock all streaming platforms, including Netflix & HBO.
  • Fast local speeds
  • No logging,no IP or WebRTC leaks
  • Torrenting allowed on all servers
  • VPN servers in 60 countries
  • 60 Locations
  • Cheap VPN Pricing
  • Interface Has Lots of Features
  • Based In Sweden
  • Fast - 7% Speed Losses At Most
  • Only 6 Simultaneous Connections

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PrivateVPN – Complete Security
PrivateVPN – Complete Security
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