VPNHub Review: Should You Use Pornhub’s VPN?

VPNHub Review: Should You Use Pornhub’s VPN?

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2/10 (Expert Score)
Product is rated as #23 in category VPN Providers
  • Servers display speeds
  • 1000s of servers
  • Built for adult streaming content
  • Uses OpenVPN
  • Not as widely used
  • No Netflix unblocking

I mean, it’s pretty difficult to think of another product other than porn that requires solid privacy protection. If you surf the murky world of adult content, you have at the very least, considered how to make your connection private. If you haven't, what are you thinking?

Well, the largest porn site in the world, Pornhub, has you covered with VPNHub. In fact, the VPNHub logo is eerily similar to Pornhub’s famous logo. The brand simularities may or may not make you feel a little tingly down low. If it does, that's completely OK. I'm not judging you.

But as our VPNHub review will show, this is more than just a porn VPN even if the logo does play to the concept. It’s a robust VPN that protects users on all levels. In other words, it's really a regular VPN that’s marketed towards an audience who probably needs it more than others might. But it's not perfect and it's certainly not for everyone's needs, so please make sure you read our VPNHub review in full.

VPNHub Review: The Basics

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Pornhub released VPNHub in May of 2018 as the VPN business began to surge in popularity. Online privacy is becoming more and more a big deal as people look to protect their private data and especially their browsing history from their ISPs.

VPNHub is built for mobile, but you can use it on Mac and Windows. You can use it for free on mobile, but if you want to move it to desktop, expect to pay for the VPN service. On mobile, in true Pornhub fashion, the free version has ads. And those ads, well, yeah…

There are rumors that VPNHub is aligned in some way with StackPath, the owner of IPVanish and StrongVPN. I’m not going to dive too deep into this, because in the end, it doesn’t matter a ton. What matters is that VPNHub helps conceal your online identity. In essence, VPNHub may be a bit of a whitelabel and a tad less custom than it’s marketed.

The big deal in whitelabels, or partnerships, is privacy. Because if a company’s foundation is a third entity’s foundation, that’s one more point of concern for security issues. That said, Stackpath is well known for its management of VPN services and privacy.

Servers and Technology

You can choose between two encryption levels: AES-128 and AES-256. You’ll find 18 countries (last updated info we can find) using 1000s of servers. That’s OK. For a normal web user looking at some adult oriented videos, it works.

The interface is simple, you select a country and hit the save button and VPNHub connects you to a server in that country. And alas, your IP is hidden and your surfing the web anonymously. How grand.

What’s further great about VPNHub is that they disclose server speeds, so you can choose a faster server. Not all VPNs do this. On some VPNs, you just have to take a chance and if the server is slow, you disconnect and take another chance.

VPNHub allows you to use OpenVPN or TCP. OpenVPN is one of the top two Internet protocols, so this is good stuff.

There is DNS and IPv6 protection.

You get a kill switch, as well. I explain VPN kill switches here. In the event you don’t understand one, I suggest you read that article. Just know, if your VPN server conks out, your internet goes offline so that your current activity isn’t exposed to your ISP. Savvy, right?

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Unblocking Streaming

If you are someone looking to leverage a VPN for unblocking streaming content, VPNHub is not for you. It won’t unblock Netflix. Clearly, if you are into surfing more lewd type content on the web, VPNHub has you covered. It works on their Pornhub site, but of course. But not on Netflix, nor on BBC’s player.

Some people only want a VPN for privacy concerns. If that’s you, then VPNHub’s lack of unblocking probably doesn’t matter all too much.


VPNHub is priced competitively. In fact, it’s a cheap VPN so long as you roll with a longer term plan. The three year plan will cost you a total of $125.64, which comes to $3.49 per month. If you go with a monthly deal, you will pay over $13 which is expensive. So it really comes down to your comfort level with commitment.

You can see all the plans here:

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VPNHub is owned by Pornhub, one of the largest sites, both mainstream or adult, on the web. But it’s VPN service is partnered with Stackpath. VPNHub’s speeds are solid, but you can’t unblock Netflix with it. In terms of privacy, Stackpath’s other VPN products do a great job, so we’d expect the same from VPNHub.

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VPNHub Review: Should You Use Pornhub’s VPN?
VPNHub Review: Should You Use Pornhub’s VPN?
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