NordVPN Teams Review: A Enterprise VPN That Wins

For any web surfer, including those of the casual nature, a VPN remains the strongest way to protect your private data and personal information. But for a business, it’s critical that a VPN protect employees and even contractors. NordVPN Teams is a VPN business solution that gives management and founders absolute empowerment. NordVPN Teams ensures a business that it’s employees’ web behavior and sensitive data remain encrypted at all times.

As an enterprise VPN solution, NordVPN Teams is top of its class. And that’s no surprise given that NordVPN is listed among our best VPNs. Using a VPN for business is just common-sense stuff.

Why Use a VPN For Business?

Alas, the heart of the matter.

You might be thinking, why wouldn’t I just get each employee their own VPN account? Why do I need a VPN for business?

With a VPN for business, you can…

  • Organize teams
  • Consolidate billing and invoices
  • Assign privileges
  • Save money versus personal VPN account pricing
  • Protect sensitive company information in a single admin

In the end, a VPN for business saves you money and time. If you hire a new employee, you’d need to pay monthly on a VPN personal account because if the person leaves in a month, you wouldn’t want to have paid for three years.

A VPN for business helps you manage all your users access levels and make sure that everyone is truly using the VPN.

NordVPN Teams: A VPN For Business

Most of the same rules apply for a VPN for business that we consider with a VPN for personal. You need fast connectivity speed, server and country options, and a competent kill switch. But what’s different with a VPN for business is the need for sophisticated admin hierarchy.


NordVPN Teams leverages 33 countries in running a global network of servers. Your NordVPN Team members will be able to utilize a variety of nations when connecting to the web. This not only helps with anonymizing their IPs and protect sensitive company data, but developers can use international servers when testing staged development projects. As C-Level executives understand, apps and websites often behave or appear differently depending on the country.

vpn for business NordVPN Teams countries and servers map

Included in the NordVPN Teams country list are Japan, Israel, Hungary, France, and a slew of others. Clearly the United States and Canada are options.

You can assign remote or internal workers the country of your choosing.

Kill Switch Enabled

Fear not, if your server goes down, you don’t have to worry about your employees’ IP addresses and personal data being exposed. An intelligent kill switch shuts off the Internet connection until you hop onto a new server. If you want to learn more about this process, read our kill switch guide.

NordVPN Teams Admin

From a managerial and admin perspective, using NordVPN Teams is simple stuff. The admin is self-exclamatory and can be accessed via desktop or mobile.

All users are organized alphabetically. You can alter privileges on the fly. Each user’s billing is rolled into a single invoice, so you don’t get

You can dedicate account managers for the sake of organizing teams. This capability lends itself to a more macro design.

With NordVPN Teams, quickly and easily add in more users and servers as your company scales.

Assign Specific Servers to Teams

If you want to choose a virtual location for one team but not for another, that’s easy in NordVPN Teams. You can choose which team members have access to specific gateways.

Monitor Employee Activity

Make sure your employees are online and protected and working efficiently with NordVPN Teams monitoring. Nothing robust here, it’s easy to login and get a clear picture.

Transfer User Licenses

Hire someone new? Did someone quit? When you make everyone use personal accounts, that amounts to disorganization and financial waste. With NordVPN Teams, you simply transfer vacant licenses or add new ones as your business grows.


NordVPN, whether it’s their VPN for business or personal, comes with top of the line 24/7 support. Its what they are known for.

NordVPN Teams Security

NordVPN Teams for business

When it comes to a VPN for any use, security is the top priority. NordVPN is one of the most popular and largest VPNs online today. It’s no surprise that NordVPN Teams utilizes the same potent security parameters to protect your company’s data.

NordVPN Teams leverages AES-256 encryption, which is the best there is. That’s military-grade encryption.

Ramp up NordVPN Team’s admin protection by way of sophisticated two-factor authentication. You are able to use Authy, Google Authenticator, or text messaging.


NordVPN Teams has three pricing plans. The highest plan, called Enterprise, is built for large businesses and requires a custom quote. The Basic plan is $7 per user and has a slew of features, including 35 server locations, kill switch, SSO with GSuite/Azure/Ad/Okta, license transferability and a central admin.

The Advanced plan costs $9 per user and adds on dedicated server purchase options in 20 locations and dedicated account management.

NordVPN Teams Benefits

Here are the easily digestible benefits of using NordVPN Teams

  • Easily add or remove users
  • Save money at scale per employee
  • Build teams
  • Create dedicated gateways
  • Easily monitor server loads
  • Monitor employee web behavior

Using a VPN for business helps company’s avoid disheveled organizational chaos that can erupt when every employee uses a personal account. NordVPN Teams is at the top of its class among all VPN for business accounts. Try NordVPN Teams today.

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