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A Beginner’s Guide To VPNs

As popularity of virtual private network (VPN) continue to rise, so do the questions and curiosity which often follows. A lot of people simply don't understand what a VPN is. And of those people, many don't want to comb through extensive technical jargon to figure it out. So let's simplify ...

How To Watch Netflix With Surfshark

Surfshark is one of the better VPNs for using Netflix. It's fast, reliable, and works with 15 Netflix libraries around the globe. Surfshark is a trusted VPN that's long held a seat among our best VPN top list. The Netflix Surfshark relationship is also economic in the way that it doesn't break ...

Uber Shares Data With Police In London

Uber, the most popular ride-sharing company in the world, has won a legal battle that now allows it to operate in the United Kingdom. And not only are the residents of major cities such as London happy over the decision but so are the UK police force. This is because, according to a report in ...

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