The Best VPNs of 2020

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1 WeVPN Review: A Feature-Driven, Cheap VPN. How Good Is It?

WeVPN Review: A Feature-Driven, Cheap VPN. How Good Is It?

In terms of VPNs, WeVPN is a relative newcomer to the privacy scene. Our WeVPN review shows that the company was launched in early March of 2020, right before the United States went on a coronavirus lockdown. But timing is everything and in the case of a cheap VPN, WeVPN came along at the exact right time. The coronavirus shutdown caused many more people to work remotely and begin to understand how essential their online privacy is. VPNs are as popular as ever and WeVPN rose quickly off the momentum.
  • Allows P2P and torrenting
  • Split Tunneling
  • No logging policy
  • Fast
  • Cheap VPN
2 TorrentSafe – Best For Torrents

TorrentSafe – Best For Torrents

Surf popular torrent sites without fear after activating TorrentSafe’s free plan. You get 1GB file size and unlimited bandwidth. Simple to use. Top-rated torrent and P2P protection.
  • The #1 Torrent VPN
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Streaming video
  • Great Chrome extension
3 VPNHub Review: Should You Use Pornhub's VPN?

VPNHub Review: Should You Use Pornhub's VPN?

VPNHub is Pornhub's privacy product. Clearly, the creators of Pornhub know a thing or two about Internet privacy. But do they hit the mark with their VPNHub service?
  • Servers display speeds
  • 1000s of servers
  • Built for adult streaming content
  • Uses OpenVPN

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How We Choose The Best VPNs?

Reviewing VPN services entails a detailed look into the platform’s user experience, core technology, and specific protocols. It's clear that most consumers and companies embrace privacy and data security as their main points of concern. Hence, that’s where Best 20 VPNs emphasises.

Beyond VPN privacy and security reviews, we also want to test out how much the VPN affects current Internet speeds. Using internal technology, we can assess how little or how much lag sets in once the VPN is turned on.


Will a VPN work in fluid sync with Netflix, Apple TV, Youtube TV, or Amazon Prime? Our VPN reviews account for all of this. We also discover a VPN’s ability to block or unblock specific services and protocols.


VPN service installation is another key factor influencing our reviews. Most top ranked VPN services allow consumers to easily install and uninstall through dedicated apps. The ease of use within these apps is an important factor in our VPN reviews.


Customer support and VPN pricing rounds out which factors we care the most about in our reviews. Our VPN reviews should assist you or your company in finding the best VPN service for your needs. No two VPN services are built alike, and that’s OK, sometimes, you need to consider your specific needs over the overall VPN rankings.

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