About Best 20 VPN

Best 20 VPN was started in summer of 2020. What began as a conversation between two tech company founders about online security, blossomed into a full on VPN review website. Our mission is making sure everyone has control over their online privacy and keeping data safe.

The two CEO’s realized early on that while web security for themselves and their employees was mission critical, the VPN services world was littered with confusion. The two combined technology forces to create Best 20 VPN, the solution to VPN service confusion.

Whether you’re a consumer or C-Level executive, Best 20 VPN acts as your guide in the often perplexing world of VPN services. We assist you in finding a VPN service for your business and personal needs. Whether you just want to hide your VPN to download torrents, play video games, surf the web, or just stay private… we have the top rated VPNs you are looking for.

While many people hear a VPN techie conversation and feel bored, we get excited. Best 20 VPN reviews and rankings is our baby. It’s our contribution, our give-back, to the world of data and personal online privacy. We will continue to update this site daily with reviews of all the newest VPN software that surfaces. Please enjoy the site, and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions, concerns, or suggestions. Thanks!

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