SaferVPN – Simple to Use

SaferVPN – Simple to Use

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8.2/10 (Expert Score)
Product is rated as #9 in category VPN Providers
  • Easy to use
  • No logging policy
  • Cheap VPN pricing
  • Unblocks Netflix
  • Fewer features than top VPNs


SaferVPN Review: The Basics

SaferVPN review

SaferVPN bills itself as a simple and fast VPN. That’s pretty much the ambition of any of our best VPN services we recommend. Our SaferVPN review will look over these claims, as well as SaferVPN’s ability to unblock streaming content and it’s pricing.

SaferVPN is growing in popularity, but it remains a little less known than a lot of the other big brands. But that shouldn’t matter. All that matters is, does SaferVPN work? Is it right for you?

In today’s world, protecting your online privacy is critical. Lots of companies pay top dollar for your browsing history. A VPN can help thwart entities that harbor malicious intent against your personal data. 

But if you don’t choose the right VPN, you might be wasting your money.

So is SaferVPN a good option?

Servers and Technology

With any VPN, the technology supporting it matters. SaferVPN features 50 countries and 1300 servers. That’s a decent amount, though a bit on the lower end of the spectrum. But one thing I always say in these cases is, do you need more than that? If your answer is, “I’m not sure,” you probably don’t. And you’ll end up paying more for the extra server/location options at competing VPN. 

Now, full transparency, SaferVPN is a white-label of WLVPN. This means they ride the backbone of a larger, robust entity that provides the server capacity. This isn’t a huge point. It’s just something I feel I should mention, in the end, where and how a VPN gets server access is less important than the quality of the servers.

In terms of speed, SaferVPN hasn’t been impressive in many other SaferVPN reviews. But as a cost-effective, or cheap VPN, option, that’s none too surprising. Those who sign up for SaferVPn want to save money and achieve online privacy. That certainly happens.

Encryption and Protocols

SaferVPN uses Advanced Encryption Standard 256-bit protection, which is a best in class option. All the top VPN services leverage 256-bit encryption, so it’s as reliable as they come. 

>Try SaferVPN

SaferVPN supports four major protocols: IKEv2, OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, PPTP. OpenVPN is one of the top two best protocols around, the other being Wireguard which is not offered by SaferVPN.

Your protocol is important to speed and efficiency during surfing the web, or using P2P file sharing sites, or even torrenting or streaming. Having access to OpenVPN is a big deal.


SaferVPN does not log your IP Address, your SaferVPN IP address, your browsing history, DNS queries, no personal or meta data. They claim to encrypt the full gamut of meaningful personal data. That’s right on par with their competitors in the class.

SaferVPN is an Israeli based business. Israel has tight consumer privacy laws they must comply with. But again, if a VPN isn’t storing data like SaferVPN isn’t, then it really doesn’t matter a whole lot where it is located. But it’s nice to have the extra assurance.


If you take a long term deal, SaferVPN is actually a pretty cheap VPN. A 3-year deal means you pay $2.50 a month. That’s $89.99 every 3-years.

But if you pay monthly, you are looking at $12.95, which is quite high by industry standards. 


You can unblock Netflix. You might have trouble with Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video. Overall, SaferVPN might not be your best option for unblocking streaming. 


SaferVPN is a cheap VPN option for those who want to save money and increase their online privacy. They are not a top VPN option for streaming or speed, however, you are paying less and the service certainly does a great job at protecting your data. Try SaferVPN today.

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SaferVPN – Simple to Use
SaferVPN – Simple to Use
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